iOS10 was shipped worldwide last night. I installed it on my iPhone6s as well, and decided to share my first impressions with you.

First of all, the entire update went smooth as always. However, the internet is all buzzing about installs failing the first time, with recoveries through iTunes as the only hard way to finish the update. So, be on the safe side and make sure you back up your data.

After the usual wait for the download, and an additional 20 minutes for the update to complete, my phone was usable again. These features and changes where the first things I noticed, in random order.


Widgets have a more prominent place. I know android has had them for years, as all Apple bashers will gladly tell you. I probably won’t use them actively, but in trying I noticed one thing that already feels like an issue. The widget areas pretty sensitive. I accidentally opened the corresponding app multiple times when I just wanted to scroll down. Widgets are meant for a quick glance at information primarily, so why not make clicking them a little harder. (3D touch?)  

The new sounds are great! Changing the Soundscape is one of these small things apple does from time to time, and I must say I love the little details like different sounds for the different types of keys on the keyboard.

If you’re one of the power users like me that disabled the parallax effects (because the transitions take precious time, duh!) you’ll hate that Apple has introduced a slower “fade” now when you switch screens. As of now, you can’t disable this fade in the accessibility settings.

The “pick up function” that activates your screen automatically so you can glance at messages without touching your home button is nice. It’s been done before, and good thing Apple incorporated it in iOS10.


What’s great is that you can just give your lockscreen a sideswipe to access the camera quicker. The old slide-up action didn’t always work properly because of the bounce threshold.  It would fall back down if you didn’t slide it hard enough. Nice for unwanted opening of the camera, but it made me miss a few precious “kodak moments” in the past. I’m glad they changed this!

Still no quick way to kill all apps when double tapping the home button. Shame on you Apple.

The settings pane has some neat 3D touch features, like changing the flashlight brightness. It also adds paging. You can swipe the settings panel sideways to access a second one for  media control, and a third is a quick access to your favorite “internet of things” objects.

The new “Home” app looks great. Home automation is getting more mainstream, and a first impression of this app looks like it’s a nice, clean, simple way for people to get excited about it.


I once ranted about the fact that Apple pushed the timer instead of the alarm clock as a shortcut next to the flashlight. It’s still the timer, but Apple integrated a “sleep quality” function called bedtime that asks you when all your alarms should be set, which fixes it. I’m not quite sure if I like the fact that they’ll try sending me to bed earlier, but you can’t blame them for trying.

And finally, of course, Siri gets big. I’ve been saying for years that voice-driven interfaces will become big, and still confident it will. Controlling my Sonos through Siri will be nice. Please, Apple, ask Scarlett Johansson as a voice dub for Siri and we’re in love 😛

After two hours of tingling with iOS10 I still have mixed feelings. Maybe because it didn’t give me that “Wow!” sensation from the past. The Siri update is the biggest thing I’ve been looking forward to, but haven’t been able to properly test this yet, because most apps aren’t ready for this yet. I’ll keep you posted on this in the near future! 

Concluded, this is about what can be expected these days of OS updates. Small changes towards the future, no more big steps like in the old days. There are a lot of loveable features and nice little details. Well, I can get used to that 🙂