Peter van der Jagt and Danny van Kammen are in Orlando, Florida, to visit the Sitecore Symposium 2019. In this article, they resume the third and final day.

Did I mention a party last night? Some party it was! Thanks Sitecore and Valtech for this much needed relaxing time! And that’s all I can say about it. As they say, what happens in Orlando, stays in Orlando!

Big speaker for big motivation

The morning kicked off with the much-anticipated keynote of none other than Magic Johnson. You might know him has one of the best basketball players of all time, but nowadays he is, among many other things, a great motivation speaker. With lots of funny anecdotes he got the point across that the competition is what’s making you better. The big (and he is reeeeally big, look at those hands!) takeaway is to often SWOT your company. As you probably know, this means identifying your company’s Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Great guy.

magic johnson inspirational speaker

Magic Johnson, a famous, former basketball player who is now known as a motivational speaker

Other sessions

The sessions of today were nice. But since it is only half a day, we decided to stick together for the rest of the session. We deliberately skipped technical sessions today, since we already have so many things we want to work on!

First we looked at a real-life example of how to start with personalisation (heard that one before?). The main point is not to think too big. Start small, do a Proof of Concept, get people in your company into it, and let it grow over time. Didn’t know the expression, but “Don’t eat the elephant!”. Good chemistry between partner and customer, to deliver a story to remember.

real life example on personalization.

the ROI on customer experience

The ROI of Customer Experience

The final session we attended was about putting the ‘R’ in ‘ROI’. Which stands for Return of Investment, in case you didn’t know. It was like being back at Economics class at school. Lots of tables and numbers. But we still managed to get to the point of this: even a small amount of extra margin per item goes a long way for the whole company. Which is what was done by a small company, using Sitecore personalisation (bored yet?).

ROI in personalisation

ROI in personalisation

Summarizing highlights: Sitecore AI, Sitecore Saas and Sitecore Horizon

To finish things off, we had the closing keynote, in which all the new goodies were summarized: Sitecore AI, Sitecore Saas, Sitecore Horizon. All great topics to look forward to in the coming months! After the compulsory awards, prizes, final words, they announced the location for next year’s Symposium: Chicago! Never been there, yet ;-).

Sitecore topics 2020.

Topics to look forward to in 2020

Note to the organization: please make the last day as good as the rest, regarding the refreshments. No drinks, no snacks, no after-party. ‘Thanks and see you next year’. And we were outside. Bummer.

Thank you Aeres, for being a great companion!

All in all a very intense three days which gave us a big bunch of inspiration, ideas, things to work on. And for all you guys and girls going to conferences: it’s always a good idea to have a client as traveling company. You can discuss the findings immediately, brainstorm about what to implement when, and of course have a good laugh! Thanks Richard and Marloes, it’s been a blast! And thanks Sitecore and all the sponsors for this amazing event!

Now it’s time to go home. But we still have a full day before the plane leaves, so even more time to work on the partner-client relationship.

Until next time!

Sitecore Symposium Orlando

From left to right: Richard Post, Danny van Kammen, Peter van der Jagt and Marloes Smit