Peter van der Jagt and Danny van Kammen are in Orlando, Florida, to visit the Sitecore Symposium 2019. In this article they look back on a very inspiring first day.


It started with a keynote about all the new goodies in Sitecore for the coming months and years. A few of these exciting things are more integration with the Content Hub, collaboration with Microsoft to create the Sitecore AI, but most of all (from my perspective) the announcement of Sitecore Saas. Or actually just Saas, Sitecore-as-a-Service. A new way of working with and developing for Sitecore. It will be available with a first version in the summer of 2020. But, no worries, the current installations of Sitecore will be supported and extended for many years to come. So they say…

Human Connections in a Digital World

Takeaway of this keynote is personalisation. The motto of Sitecore is “Human Connections in a Digital World”. Customer Experience is what it is all about. Everything which Sitecore does is centered around this. Not the hosting, not implementation, no, it’s all about CX. Engaging your new and existing customers, that’s what your goal should be.

After some more great, but less Sitecore-related keynotes (gotta love Platon, the award-winning photographer!), the keynotes where concluded with three seperate talks for technical, marketing and commerce. The technical one was a story of DevOps by Emily Freeman, author of DevOps for Dummies. A nice talk about how to incorporate DevOps into your company.

Sitecore's motto perfectly aligns with our human first proposition

Sitecore's motto perfectly aligns with our human first proposition

After lunch

After lunch the other sessions started. A wide variety of sessions, from very technical to marketing-centred to commerce. Actually too much to choose from. One example is an interesting story from Credit Union of Texas, about personalisation. Get to know your end-user and guide them through the site and not just let them figure it out without any help. 

One minor note is that all the technical sessions where at a 10-minute walk from the other session, so it was not really possible to follow a combination of session. Walking through 30 degrees centigrade with almost 100% humidity (at least it felt that much) was no fun…

digital transformation sitecore

Digital transformation becomes even more relevant in the upcoming years

Looking forward to the second day!

The level of the sessions was alright. Not all were very high standard, but not helped by the technical difficulties (especially the microphones were acting up). We will not go into too much detail, but I got quite some tips and tricks from the sessions.

All in all a very good day to kick off this year’s Symposium. More to come at day two!